St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Tx

History of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

In September of 1938, the combined congregations of Abbey and Riggs Memorial Churches – some 300 strong – met at 11:00am in the sanctuary at Greenville Ave and McCommas to formalize their consolidation. After further deliberations the newly established church would take the following steps: approve North Dallas Presbyterian Church as its new name; adopt a proposed constitution and set of bylaws; and select a slate of twelve elders and three trustees. That historic event marked the beginning of our congregation.
Riggs Memorial Church was organized March 16th, 1922 in a Sunday school building erected by City Temple Presbyterian Church at the corner of Greenville and Oram Streets. The church was named after the founding pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church (which merged with City Temple in 1920), Dr. Warner B. Riggs.
Abbey Presbyterian Church was established in March 11, 1925 when Dr. Leon Young and some 700 members separated themselves from City Temple and met the first time for worship in the Melba Theatre on Elm Street. In February 1926, this new church purchased a sanctuary belonging to the Methodist Episcopal Church at Ross and Harwood.
In 1927, Riggs Memorial sold its Oram Street site to Magnolia Petroleum Company after erecting a “mission” style sanctuary at Greenville Ave and McCommas, the first site of what was later to be this congregation.
In 1938, after the resignation of the pastors of both Abbey and Riggs Memorial churches, the decision to petition Presbytery for a consolidation was made.
The new church’s first corporate worship was held September 25th, 1938.
The Rev. Dr. James E. Detweiler was called as the church’s first pastor on December 1st, 1938. He was the pastor until January 3rd, 1954.
North Dallas Presbyterian Church was renamed Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on April 15th, 1947. Property at Greenville and McCommas was sold, and the church purchased additional lots adjoining a site the congregation had bought in 1941 at Skillman and Monticello, our current location.

Dr. Kenneth L. Mauldin was called as the church’s second pastor in May, 1954. Ground was broken at Skillman and Monticello on December 5th, 1948. The Youth and Adult buildings were completed in 1957, and the Children’s building and Fellowship Hall were completed and used for the first time in 1960. Dr. Mauldin accepted another pastorate in 1962 and was succeeded by our associate pastor, the Rev. Marshall Pinkerton, on an interim basis.

The Rev. Ellsworth E. Caylor was installed as our fourth pastor on April 12th, 1964.
After the retirement of Rev. Caylor, the Rev. Charles Fox was called as our interim pastor on August, 1978 and served for ten months.
The Rev. James L. McCall became our fifth pastor on July 1st, 1979. After Rev. McCall resigned in 1990, the Rev. Clark was called as interim.
On July 1991, the Rev. Martha Murchison was called as our sixth pastor. She resigned in November of 1998. 
The Rev. Ashley A. Hood became our seventh pastor in June, 2000, and she resigned in October, 2005. Rev. Todd Freeman stepped in as interim pastor from April 2006 – March 2008, and Rev. Brent Barry served as interim from April 2008 – June 2008.
On June 2008, Rev. Rob Leischner was called as our eighth pastor and is still serving today. 

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