St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Tx


Adult Education

We Presbyterians believe that God gave us a brain to use!

We are fortunate that our pastor teaches most Sunday mornings.  He takes Christian Education very seriously, though his classes are anything but stuffy and formal.  The adult Sunday school class runs the gamut as far as topics are concerned.  There are lots of Bible studies.  He covers subject matter out of various Christian books.  He’s been known to use multimedia on occasion (one of those times was to show pictures of his trip to the Middle East).  Sometimes he even brings in a guest speaker or two.

Rev. Rob often quotes his Greek professor, Rev. Dr. John Alsup, who once said, “The risk of a question is a deeper faith.”  In other words, it is necessary for our spiritual growth that we ask honest questions about God, Scripture, faith, discipleship…. you name it!  As such, the library has become a safe haven where people can openly engage the subject matter.

All are welcome to attend, member and visitor alike!

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3204 Skillman Street
Dallas, TX 75206