St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Tx


Youth Education

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church  is blessed to have a lively education program for children and youth.  On most Sundays there are two separate classes, taking place in our education building.  One is dedicated to kindergarten thru elementary-age children, the other benefits the junior and senior high.

We have a number of devoted Sunday school teachers who follow a rotational model.  The younger class usually begins with a time for music, followed by Bible study or an array of Christian topics.  They also learn lessons through cooking in our Nance Hall kitchen.  We also feel it’s very important for them to experience the importance of mission, so they are involved in such things like making crafts for the children in our Guatemalan nutrition program, putting gifts together for Mother’s and Father’s Day, and creating or signing cards for the sick and homebound.

The older youth meet and discuss Christian subjects that are more age appropriate.

We also do not believe learning stops with the Sunday school classroom.  Our pastor takes time in most worship services to teach a lesson prepared just for them.  Our youth have lock-ins and other extracurricular activities.  They are also encouraged to be involved in the overall mission of the church.  For example, our children love to help with our casserole ministry for Interfaith Housing Coalition!

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