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Given that our denomination baptizes infants, most of our children have already made the trip to the font long before reaching their teenage years.  In infant baptism, parents or guardians promise to nurture their children in faith and raise them in a Christian household.  They also make a statement of faith on behalf of their child with the hope that one day he or she will grow up and claim those baptismal vows as their own ― thus, confirming them.

This is the rite of Confirmation.

About the age of 13, children are invited to become Confirmed.  This is a coming-of-age ritual; once completed, the confirmand will become a full-fledged adult member in the life of the church.  The process begins with the student attending classes with our pastor, usually for a period of months.  The intent is to provide a foundational understanding of Christian faith, Reformed tradition, and discipleship.  Each youth is also given the task of working directly with an elder to participate in a mission project of their own choosing.  This period of study culminates in a meeting with the Session (Board of Elders) where the confirmation class will give testimony regarding their mission experience and also be tested on material that the pastor has covered in class.  Session then votes to approve their Confirmation.

The confirmands then gather around the baptismal font during worship, typically on Easter morning (which follows an ancient catechism tradition), and they publically make their statement of faith.  They do not become re-baptized, however.  We take the faith of young adults seriously.  It is the cause of much joy and celebration in our congregation!

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