St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Tx

Casserole Ministry

This is one of our newest missions. It all started when a couple of our members visited Interfaith Housing Coalition. IHC is a transitional housing program that enables homeless families to break the cycle of poverty. It is a wonderful organization.


Our members were inspired and suggested that we do something to help the patrons of IHC, most of them single mothers with children. After some brainstorming, prayer, and discussion, we decided to tap into one of our congregational talents: cooking!

Our goal as a congregation is to assemble casseroles once a month. People sign up for certain ingredients a week or two in advance, we meet after worship in our large, Nance Hall kitchen, and then we get to work. We usually prepare anywhere from 30-50 casseroles. Given that a lot of the prep work is done from home, we tend to get finished in less than an hour. The casseroles are topped off with inspirational messages, usually a Scripture passage that encourages and gives hope, which are written out by our youth.

The casseroles are immediately refrigerated and delivered to IHC the next day or two. They typically hand them out to their newest patrons as a welcome gift. The last two years we have been nominated by IHC as one of their most helpful congregations, and we even got a grant from Grace Presbytery in support of our new mission initiative!

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