St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Tx

Friendship Class

This is one of our oldest missions, and we’re quite proud of it! It’s origins started around World War II, when it was simply known as “Work Day.” The ladies of the church would help the Red Cross by gathering, cutting, and preparing bandages to help with the war effort.

As the war came and went, and hospital bandages required a much more strict sterilization process, the efforts with the Red Cross shifted from bandages to sewn and crocheted items to help make the patients of Parkland Hospital more comfortable.
Today the Friendship Class meets once a month to work and share a meal. They continue to make items like stuffed pillows and slippers. One of the favorites are stuffed “worms,” designed specifically for children.

Here are a couple of recent pictures, and one of them marks the day when the Red Cross visited and presented a plaque in honor of all their hard work!


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