St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Tx


Our Guatemalan Mission

We are one of nine churches in the East Dallas County Cluster of Presbyterian Churches. This cluster was formed in 1989 with the purpose of being a strong denominational witness in the area. Over the years, however, the cluster expanded its horizons to also include a global mission with del Norte Presbytery in Guatemala.

A delegation from the Cluster first met with the executive committee of del Norte in 1999. The people of del Norte expressed the need for more pastors and the continuing education of existing pastors, so education has been an important emphasis. We have met for spirituality workshops, work project trips (helping build homes/painting churches), and we partner with them to help supplement the education and salaries for pastors and lay workers who serve churches. We also give financial assistance for the operation of nutrition projects for undernourished children in their communities. Our relationship with del Norte is a covenant of Christian friendship, and together we share, work, learn, and pray.

SAPC is proud of our service to the local community, but we are just as blessed to be involved in a global mission with our sisters and brothers in Guatemala.





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