St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Tx

Wedding Policy

Given its history and traditional setting, St. Andrew’s is a popular place for weddings and receptions.  If you are a non-church member, please contact our office to make an appointment to see the sanctuary and decide if it’s right for you.

Like most churches, we have fees and a wedding policy.  Once you agree to our terms, a small deposit will be required for us to save the date.  Our pastor is available to officiate your service, though he must agree to it, and he does require marriage counseling beforehand.  If you have arranged someone else to officiate, our pastor and the elders of the church will still need to approve the ceremony.  A paid wedding coordinator from our congregation is also required to be on hand to help with the logistics.

Our sanctuary comfortably holds around 200 people.  If you are looking for a large reception area, Nance Hall is generally more than adequate in size.

For further information, please feel free to download our wedding policy or registration form:

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Wedding Policy

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Wedding Registration

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